👨🏻‍💻 🛠 📈 / Open source ❤️ / SDE @BrowserStack / Former Intern @MorganStanley / available by @itsjwala on internet, lets connect!

I’ll be blogging my journey of setting an Home server.

Dragon Ball World (Image courtesy fanpop.com)

In this Blog I’ll share my nodes setup.

I’ve bought Rpi for running light weight low cost (15W power 🎃 running 24/7 comes to less than 60 rupees)

Bought from Thingbits.in , packaging was quite reliable and parts were authentic…


Quick walkthrough of strategy

Initially when page is loading browser request image as well(provided in src tag)

  • We will provide only 2px image placeholder of original image
  • using css will make medium like effect on image
  • using js, when original image arrives after t ms will replace placeholder image with…

Jigar Wala

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